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Cyber Home for the 2005 Potter's Raid Tactical .... ........ Sept. 7-10th 2005


 Railroads played a key role in the war, dictating the movement of armies and even the location of battles. They were also prime targets. On his sweep through South Carolina, Sherman discovered that there were several trains loaded with military supplies south of his line of march on the Wilmington & Manchester RR that ran through Sumter. He ordered that a force be organized from the various Federal garrison units on the Carolina coast to march inland and destroy the trains and their cargo, "even if it should cost 500 men." A provisional division of 2,500 men, commanded by General Edward E. Potter, was assembled consisting of two brigades of white and black infantry, plus cavalry, engineer and artillery companies.

The stage was set for a raid lasting 16 days, much of which took place AFTER Lee has surrendered.

History of the Raid

In September 2005 there will arise an opportunity you may not experience again in your re enacting career. Through the tireless efforts of Capt David Decker and others you will be able to fight a tactical in the actual historical footsteps of a late war raid into South Carolina by Union forces led by 



Capt. Decker has obtained the use of over 36 square miles through which the original raiders passed. Resisted by local Militia and the remains of the famed Kentucky Orphan Brigade.

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This event is by invitation only !!!
To discuss an invitation please email Capt Decker at mailto:ddecker@uscsumter.edu . this is not to be exclusionary but there are certain standards that must be met to insure a quality event for those who participate.


The ridge in the distance is Spring Hill, site of a skirmish in April 1865 Potters Raid. The Union Forces will advance from that ridge toward where this picture was taken on Saturday, the third morning of the tactical. The distance is 2-3 miles. Somewhere in that valley they will encounter the Confederates....
Keep in mind, this is only a small portion of the ground we will be using, but it gives you some idea of the type of terrain