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To further the campaign feel for this event rations will be issued while we are in the field, after an initial meal provided Wednesday at registration.


As it stands now we will be issuing two days rations at a time. It will consist of;


·        Pre cooked meat, about a half pound per day,

·        One pound of bread. This may take the form of hardtack for portability

·        Two potatoes and some carrots.

·        There may be the opportunity to “forage” for additional rations

·        Water, Juice, and Gatorade will be placed strategically along the route.

·        Feel free to supplement these rations as you see fit, just remember, you will be carrying anything extra you bring !  Be courteous to your fellow re enactors and keep non period rations hidden from view.


Those with special menu needs can be accommodated !


Saturday afternoon a BBQ will be provided for the participants and sponsors as the event winds down