Cavalry Guidelines & Equipment list

(Based on guidelines developed for the great 2003 Morgan’s Raid in Ohio)


Remember; bring your Coggin’s test and 30 day health papers!

Also, your horse will be vet checked upon arrival!


You will be living campaign style for four days!  You will need to carry all basic personal, horse, and camp gear the length of the route This is a recommended list.  If you do not need some of the personal items – fine, leave them behind and lighten your load.  But do not bring more!  You will have to bring feed for your horse, but hay will be provided.

Each Trooper needs

·        Plate, cup, knife and fork (spoon optional) 

(Suggestion- a canteen half makes a great combination frying pan and plate, it is small, light, authentic, and CHEAP)

·        Haversack – used to carry food and small personal items, not clothes 

·        Personal items: Bible, writing material, soap, matches, toilet paper, etc.

·        A dry pair of socks (wool is best) and one extra shirt

·        Sleeping blanket(s) (not bag), great coat or overcoat makes a good blanket.

·        Ground cloth or extra poncho/gum blanket.  Roll around blanket, spare socks, shirt, etc. and pack on the saddle behind the cantle.

·        Poncho, packed on the pommel (with your coat) to be available in case of rain and to loop your reins over when dismounted to prevent the reins from falling over your horses head and causing an accident.

·        Shelter half or substitute an extra gum blanket. (You can carry your shelter half under your saddle)

·        Canteen – at least one

·        Halter and lead strap

·        Link strap (required for dismounted fighting.  The terrain and scenario here dictates there will be a lot dismounted fighting with
horses being moved forward to keep up with dismounted skirmishers)

·        Nose bag -good for carrying grain, your food, grooming tools, etc.; also makes a good water bucket. 

Note: Hay for the horses will be provided.

·        Grooming brush and hoof pick, these can be shared with a pard, one carry one item, the other something else.

·        Extra powder etc. for multiple battles. (See re-supply page for details) Supplies to clean weapons in the field.




Items to be shared and carried by 3 or 4-man section or rank:

·        20-30 foot rope for picket lines. (picket lines will not be provided)


Food ideas:  While daily ration will be provided for your preparation  (See rations page for details) .you should know that rations may not always be enough especially if lost or destroyed in combat. We are traveling cross country campaign style. All seasoned troopers know that meals may not always come at scheduled times.Therefore, a few supplemental rations carried in the haversack may come in handy. 


·        Beef Jerky

·        Hardtack, or small loaf of dark bread

·        Dried fruits &/or vegetables

·        Tinned fish (no other canned foods-too heavy)

·        Coffee or tea

·        Sugar


Remember….  Keep it light.  Do not overload your horse!  You need less than you think !